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In Randy Red Superfreak Julia Senator Vaughn assistant pushed Sterling down the stairs her both believe killed him but Olivia notices that his finger was twitching. Decided by One Vote Fitz narrowly won the election for his first term only votes. Damsel in Distress Olivia when she kidnapped. After the woman loved left him learning that his father raped wife and son was killed it no wonder Fitz attempted suicide [...] 641

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Fitz and Andrew were friends since the former was governor until picked VP his reelection. Exact Words Eli Pope promised he wouldn touch hair on Fitz head. Well it was considerate of the Powers That Be to make choice simple in any case. Character Filibuster At least Once per Episode [...] 1236

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He commits suicide when Olivia blackmails him into revealing this secret the public. To make matters worse in that same episode Jerry Fitz and Karen all learn about Mellie affair which doesn bide well with any of them. He s the leader of free world and all Olivia has relied on him for his help where needed [...] 1263

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Mr. Justice. In the season episode Even Devil Deserves Second Chance Frank Holland writing professor accused by numerous women to have been drugged raped while they were enrolled his class. He lived as homeless man on the subway where rescued Olivia daughter of his former boss from some muggers [...] 134


Mellie with her son death. Now with a sequel Safes by kkizmet Recommended Naganonamy Status Complete Synopsis Superboy undergoing Clone Degeneration [...] 713

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Until Kiss Bang when they do. In Randy Red Superfreak Julia Mellie counts list of ones Fitz prohibits her from mentioning rape missing mistress his suicide attempt dead son. Warning Robin and Superboy being fully committed relationship with each other As Many Four Tens by Anonymous Recommended Gosurori Otaku Status Complete Synopsis gets brushed off Superman one too times decides do something that would never . Huck His dossier apparently thicker than most spy novels of it redacted but he has CIA espionage military training assassin and Olivia trusts him to break dictator wife children out the embassy with only five minutes leeway [...] 309


It seems the batfamily has an incurable penchant for picking up strays and Tim Jason are only beginning. While good as fluff piece can t help but feel that there was some overlooked potential in early chapters. He recovered from his Huckinduced stroke enough to start talking about kidnapping Olivia war [...] 833

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No Such Agency B. Either Mellie and Susan would make history as first president be woman inuniverse Edison Davis AfricanAmerican Frankie Vargas of Latino descent. ColdBlooded Torture Do you mean These kind of things also go down Pentagon as seen with Huck and Jake. Jake shoots Vanessa Chandler Carla Steele in the head [...] 393


Comments This a Tear Jerker so you may need some tissues. With common enemies working together becomes their only option. Overprotective Dad Fitz to his daughter Karen [...] 1006

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Comments SemiDarkWally fans will like this one. OPA for once and all took down Command Mellie was elected Senator of Virginia Olivia Fitz finally got together with nothing standing their way. When Olivia and Verna learn that Jesse girlfriend Lindsay would go down for the bombing they kidnapped brought her to Washington . Wild Teen Party Karen attends one in Like Father Daughter [...] 122

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He recovered from his Huckinduced stroke enough to start talking about kidnapping Olivia war. Comments No superpowers and they re still Team anyway [...] 2

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While there are several misspellings it still good story. Then they had to announce that was actually Michael Bachelor party and would be getting married week White House. Olivia TO PROTECT PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE YOUDavid Oh come on LivOlivia talk about fairness and justice it available everybody not Token Good Teammate the start of third season seems be this rest . FiveMan Band Olivia Quinn Huck Abby Harrison made up the main OPA gang for two seasons [...]