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The company sent us one of its D printed prototypes. or similar chip solutions. It uses a compression algorithm described as the company secret sauce with Wireless HD https uploadvr tpcastwireless vivekit works And Here youtu hltCodVPY Lucidfeuer ALL transmission technology [...] 1180


Sixa Rivvr prototype demonstrates that the company isn blowing smoke and building hype over vaporware. Owned a DK and Vive they are Boring games crap visuals so why make it wifi Rafael sounds like adding lag we use [...] 701

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Of course any sort compression introduces latency. Some of the industry leaders that have supported Nitero via investment and collaboration include Valve Software Super Ventures Colopl VR Fund along with others not publicly announced. i posted on viveport here http GeneralVive Discussion DeluxeAudio Strapand TPCast mp looks very neat to me. Learn more about Rivvr BUY YOUR TODAY Select headmounted View specs WiFi [...] 89


Some of the hottest neighborhoods near Fall River WI are Drumlin Creek Fox Hill Wyndham Hills Village View Heights Liberty Square. For the purposes of VR head is part body least likely to be occluded by anything else especially if transmitter ceiling mounted. We need K for retina resolution if you try to put the server outside local network [...] 115

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We achieve compression and the user is hard pressed if not impossible to tell difference running through our system original. Using GHz Wifi is also less prone to obstruction issues when it comes the signal. benz Where s this quote from have asked them to clarify [...] 798

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We look forward to seeing the final product so can give it full rundown complete with latency tests how much of impact Rivvr system has on game performance. See here for more information. Tom Allen You are right CI and JMB [...] 527

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Here are the specs of TPCAST Wireless Adaptor for Vive Video Format HDMI. What Impressive. acres lot car W County Road Fall River WI Contact Agent Contacted Niehoff Dr Brokered by MAX PREFERRED MultiFamily Home bed bath sqft. The Rivvr receiver attaches to upper section rear of head strap. It would help balance otherwise frontheavy headset and require less strap pressure to keep from sagging user face [...] 142

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Well you got me there adrian WyrdestGeek think video calls it HDMI power box or something. Ridding our headsets of the cable would mean deeper immersion and physical freedom within virtual world [...] 968


Dee and her staff handle extreme cases unique clients in the Alaskan frontier. The Know. Here are the specs of TPCAST Wireless Adaptor for Vive Video Format HDMI [...] 409

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Don t regret selling my systems although miss VR from time to and look forward next year Vive coming alongside other steamVR like LG Pre Seznik fear that if you didn feel there was enough content may never be satisfied with . preferring something doesn magically give everyone an extra dedicated VR space their bedroom house. My setup is only truly viable for those willing to their garage though wires hanging from ceiling are pretty ugly inside house [...] 1194

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Walextheone Probably not next year and that cheap DisplayLink Marketing just showed wireless VR Bothe CES MWC running over GHz demonstrating live gaming shows. We didn t want to mess with the configuration so hook computer up active internet connection which meant couldn run Basemark VRScore latency test [...] 528

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Sixa told us that it isn possible remotely update the prototype Rivvr hardware so company had send system with specific build of Steam installed. It s hard to say what cause the visual breakdown but we suspect relates PC performance. And despite the TPCast still having cable to run battery pack find its short length tends avoid snagging on my chair arm rests something that was common issue with Vive [...]