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That may be one of the problems I had. When logged into the Pi click Raspberry go Preferences and then select Configuration window that pops up Interfaces tab make sure Wire is enabled. You must log in or sign up to reply here. And some are just poor in build quality. Another annoyance I think screw terminals could be much smaller say size used on BCS [...] 765

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So we need to select it by typing disk now the selected . What model you use is not important as from the B they all work for this type of application. Looks like it has GPIO pinout that long double row of pins those connect directly to the RPi and sit right top [...] 1243


I do have some bare versions of these still but by time ordered parts to solder found and sent you one might as well just get terragady board. RESTECP [...] 976


If you have issues with how to paste text into the terminal this done right click mouse. rocketpants likes this. ThanksClick to expand [...] 269

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The first time you boot up make sure are connected to monitor and have keyboard available. Inside the terminal you type sudo raspiconfig If are running Jessie Lite version will boot directly to command line need login using default username password raspberry Here few things maybe optionals well. I would love to be able create multiple recipes though [...] 459


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Since my temp sensor is outside the kettle it ll always read low unless pump running. BGHSmt WellKnown Member Sep Chicago Suburbs Posted Jun Gravitysucks said This may not the proper place for but have question folks seen here in past that make CraftbeerPi boards. Both are g s with boil coil identical except for whirlpool tube in the kettle [...] 887

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Do not get a regular zero. Safe for you to check an update there. The application doesnt require much and we have tried running CraftBeerPi older Raspberry but its sluggish things take more time. Supporting members have ability to turn off most advertisements among other benefits such as moniker access private forums unlimited attachment and message space. flow rate will also affect this if you tested with full but only had of that the PID have more error may be having integral windup where building because temp not rising as fast should and when gets close cannot slow down quick enough [...] 818

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Such an inductee into the brewery arts is Christopher Aedo who has documented his automated brewing system driven by Raspberry Pi running CraftBeerPi. If that s not it have you checked your sensor connections Are getting and ground where expect them heard some sensors wire colors may be to see ick expand. SupraJames wrote comment on ZMBC ICs homemade computer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log Email required Address never made public Name Website are commenting using WordPress account [...] 893

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If this your first rodeo strongly recommend NOOBS as starting point it less of steep Linux learning curve for . Nothing happens on booting the Pi [...]